Meet the Owner

Fashion. Beauty. Faith.

I'm Nik Austin, owner and Certified Nail Artist of CoRo Nailz! We inspire women to look and feel good about themselves by creating fashionable, luxury press on nails 

The Story behind CoRo...

Growing up, beauty, fashion, and faith was and still remains a part of life. It gave me fire and put me in positions to always look my best. I was even nominated for Best Dressed in high school! Looking and feeling my best is one of the things my parents instilled in me, yet it was the one thing that I couldn't see in myself. My faith game was strong and I knew that without God, I was nothing.

As plus size women, society tells us that certain clothing, certain makeup looks, certain colors and patterns, even nails, cannot fit us. I'm here to tell the world, YOU ARE SO WRONG!

I saw my mom always dressed to the nines, never looking out of place. She was the first woman I saw to wear heels with jogging suits! Makeup to the gym! Her nails were always done, never out of place. No matter her size, she never allowed people to tell her that she looked bad. She looked good ALL the time, and she knew it, because her confidence was key! All these things showed me that at ANY SIZE I can be beautiful and fly!

I've been in the nail game since I was young. My father, who was a diabetic (God rest his soul; RIP), was the one who taught me all about nails and how important it is to keep your nails clean; feet too! Now that I'm a diabetic, it is imperative for me to keep my nails and feet clean. I learned all I could about nails and realized that this was something I wanted to do, what God instilled in me to do. That's when CoRo was born and followed was CoRo Nailz!

What does CoRo stand for?

The name "CoRo" is an abbreviation of me and my mother's middle names, Cocyese x Romedis. The bond that I share with my mom is the driving force behind the brand. CoRo is also the parent company of CoRo Nailz, CoRo Creative Designs, and CoRo's Closet.  I took the word "Closet" and realized there are 3 things we do in our closets:

  • There's Fashion in our closet,
  • We allow our Beauty to step out of the closet, and
  • When we pray, we go to our praying closet and leave with Faith

My Mission? To teach women how to practice self-care, laugh more, live fully and dream big all while looking and feeling fabulous!

CoRo is more than a brand... it's an experience of knowing that you are fabulous, beautiful, and highly favored!

Besides being a multi-business owner, I’m also a Truth Speaker, Podcaster (Beauty In The Blend), Vlogger (Nik Austin Speaks), as well as an Autism Life Coach. I love to sing, read, travel, and participate in Comic Con with my family.

Questions? Email! I’d love to hear from you! You can also follow me on Instagram - @coronailz - to see behind the scenes, freebies, and pics of my wonderful husband, William and our teenage kids, Corrina and Jahquise!